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The very best examples of attractive, well designed, functional and contemporary sofas for those with a penchant for the modern look.
  • Oscar

    An interesting art-deco design make this sofa a truly timeless, ageless piece.
  • Royale

    Equally at home in any setting, traditional or contemporary.
  • Statten

    An absolutely classic design.
  • Linden

    Sheer luxury in a contemporary setting.
  • Salisbury

    Cleverly designed to combine the classic time-honoured styling.
  • Watson

    Simplistic styling, with a modern timeless appearance.
  • Brando

    The Brando is one of those ooh so comfortable.
  • Steinbeck

    The Steinbeck is a luxurious sofa from our contemporary range.
  • Mayfair

    Contemporary theme giving a laid back, relaxing sit.