Quality Guide

Our Aim

We want you to get the best furniture possible, whether you buy now from Chesterfield Couture or not.  That’s why we’d like to make you aware of what it takes to make a quality sofa and what key features and components to look for. Imagine how confident and assured you will be, when you can easily discern a good sofa. We’re confident that you will happily and easily be able to make a well informed choice to purchase. Although our reputation and tradecraft is jealously guarded, we’d like you to understand a little more about the sourcing and production processes that go into making a truly high quality chesterfield sofa. We’re sure that you will enjoy the buying experience with us, and we will readily make sure that you receive great customer service!  We want you to cherish and be proud of your furniture and the fact that it’s made in England.

Recent History

Recent history of Chesterfield Couture

For too long now manufacturers have been happy to compromise on parts, components and quality and the consequences of this have been a marked decrease in the quality of the end result. Cheap imported goods have also flooded the market been offered to the customer instead of good quality hard wearing products made here in the U.K. We, at Chesterfield Couture have simply refused to compromise on our quality or craftsmanship and have continued to make high quality products. It is becoming widely known now, that Chesterfield Couture manufactures incredibly high quality, long lasting, beautiful furniture, and our name and reputation is becoming synonymous with the best branded U.K. companies. Many have said that we make the best furniture around and that we give the optimum in sales and service.

So, we've raised the bar and it now seems that others are starting to follow. We take it as a huge compliment that similar companies are attempting to follow our lead, are trying to copy what we do and (at last) put the customer's satisfaction first. Some are now emulating us so closely on the web that they are beginning to look like subsidiaries of Chesterfield Couture!


Sofa frames

The frame is the backbone of the entire piece so using the best possible wood is essential. Your frame should last a lifetime and remain in fantastic condition even after years of use.

Chesterfield Couture use only premium quality, seasoned hardwood for the frame in every piece of furniture we make. Primarily we use Beech. You will find that companies often extol the fact that all joints are glued screwed and dowelled. We are honest we tell it as it is; we use Nailed and pressured joints for our frames which are then screwed and dowelled at the the major jointing areas. It’s simply not necessary to glue and dowel every joint. Corner joints and major areas of the frame however have to be rigid, firm and strong. These joints give the frame it's robust and long-lasting strength. The major joints are all screwed, glued and dowelled for extra strength.

Foam & Fillings

Sofa foam

All of our foams, including cushion fillings, are made using the latest technology. Our suppliers use the latest highly resilient, flame retardant foam which is tested to stringent BSI, European and Worldwide quality and safety standards.

In this day and age it is essential that all safety regulations are met. We consider the safety of our furniture to be equally as important as comfort. All the foam used in the assembly can withstand burning cigarettes. As standard all our foams are tested after conditioning for the following:

  • Flammability
  • Density evenness
  • Tear and Tensile Strength
  • Compaction, Height loss and Durability

Cushions - Density makes a huge difference to how the furniture feels to sit on. Whether you prefer a soft or firmer cushion is entirely a matter of taste. As seating comfort is a personal choice we offer our customers a choice of foam, fibre, or for extra luxury foam and feather or feather down cushions.


Sofa springs

Springs and suspension are further vital elements in furniture construction. Our seat platforms are fully sprung with double tempered no-sag springs which are all supported and linked together to create a suspension system which gives longer-lasting strength and durability. Serpentine the world renowned spring manufacturer have been selected to fulfil this vital role of supplying quality springs for our furniture. In Chesterfield suites the back springs are also linked together in the same way to give extra strength and comfort. Coil sprung units are also available on certain models.

These renowned Serpentine Zig- Zag Springs are used extensively for excellent support in modern furniture. They are made of high tensile steel and are made to last the lifetime of the chair or sofa. Only high quality steel springs are used in the construction of Chesterfield Couture pieces. The support and comfort factor is easily discernable as soon as you sit down.


Sofa leathers

Leather is a natural product that varies in colour and grain. Full grain leather will display the distinctive original markings that attribute personality to the uniqueness of each piece of furniture. Our leathers are hand cut and sewn to ensure that these variations in grain and colour accent your piece; therefore not only is it normal to have shade variations within a single piece of leather, for a true connoisseur of leather it is expected!

We only use the finest quality leathers in upholstering our furniture. All leather hides are exclusive top grain cowhides procured from our premium suppliers. Each hide is unique with individual characteristics showing signs of healed scars, growth marks, areas of differing fibre density and hair pore structure. These hallmarks are signs of the quality of the leather. As with all leathers it matures with ages and use, developing a patina which enhances its beauty.

Deep Buttoning

Sofa deep buttoning

Deep buttoning is a very time consuming process that requires the patience and skill of an experienced upholsterer. Once the technique is mastered, the creativity of the upholsterer is what really makes the furniture stand out.

Deep buttoning is an exaggerated version of buttoning. This technique consists of buttons being compressed at regular intervals through a deep filled upholstery pad, and then stitched under tension at the back. A pattern of deep stuffed, padded pockets is then formed, often in a diamond configuration. At Chesterfield Couture we ensure that your buttons are identically matched to your sofa and are made from exactly the same leather hide. We do this by 'making' our own buttons. A sign of true quality.

Many believe these buttoning methods were developed as a way of fixing stuffing within the upholstery pad. However, contrary to this popular opinion, buttoning is purely a way of styling features that excelled to satisfy the then Victorian tastes of opulent and voluptuous upholstery. Any style of furniture can accommodate deep buttoning providing its frame allows for an upholstery pad with enough depth. Buttoning is generally found on the inside backs of furniture but can be used on seats, arms, padded borders and rails. Traditional Chesterfield sofas are a great example of this deep buttoning effect.

Great care and attention is needed in the planning stages of deep buttoning, particularly when using floral, tartan or any intricate styled fabric. It is very important to get the fabric in the right position in relation to the buttons, folds and seat fabric. Any pattern mismatches will be intensified by this technique, which is why plain fabrics and Leathers tend to be a better choice.


Sofa studding

We stud our furniture, with individual nails, inserted one by one, giving a bespoke look to each Chesterfield sofa or chair. Many of our competitors opt to use a strip of nail-heads positioned on tape, which is glued into position. Our studding method is stronger, lasts longer and provides a more elegant and natural finish to the piece.

Studs are individually nailed into the arms and along the seams of the sofa or chair. They give a regal appearance and add to the style and beauty of each item. Mass produced furniture can be studded by machine which is rigid and unswerving, whereas handcrafted furniture often shows the nuances of each upholsterer’s craft. As in times gone by each stud is carefully pinned into place and if you follow the line of the studs you can discern that comforting man-made lineage; yet another characteristic of truly hand- made furniture.

Most of our sofas come with Antique studding as standard but if you prefer you can choose from Nickel Silver or Brass for that extra special bespoke feature and individual signature for your furniture.


Sofa stitching

Haute Couture (French for "high sewing”) refers to the creation of exclusive custom made items. Haute Couture items are made to order for a specific customer, are usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and are sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses, often using time-consuming, hand executed techniques.

"Couture" is a common abbreviation of Haute Couture, which refers to the same thing in spirit. We at Chesterfield Couture apply the same techniques, care and attention when sourcing, manufacturing and finishing our distinctive sofas, chairs and footstools.


Sofa finishing

With all upholstery foundations in place, applying the top cover and finishing is the most exciting process. The top cover and finishing is the icing on the cake and where the furniture really starts to come alive.