Sofa Beds

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For those who demand a little more. Without compromising on design, our sofa beds are available in our best-selling sofa styles and materials.
  • Rothschild

    Virtue, heritage and consistency through time.
  • Blenheim

    Clean, modern with flowing lines.
  • Marlborough

    Grand proportion and scale.
  • Berkeley

    Compact and affordable.
  • Chesterfield

    ‘Flagship’ Sofa
  • Chelsea

    A modern contemporary styled chesterfield sofa.
  • Oscar

    An interesting art-deco design make this sofa a truly timeless, ageless piece.
  • Copthorne

    Beautiful curved arms.
  • Brando

    The Brando is one of those ooh so comfortable.
  • Steinbeck

    The Steinbeck is a luxurious sofa from our contemporary range.
  • Linden

    Sheer luxury in a contemporary setting.
  • Mayfair

    Contemporary theme giving a laid back, relaxing sit.